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Lindsey Nagel was on AZT for a year and a half as a baby and during which time she suffered excruciating bone pain and a stunted growth chart. Her mother Cheryl reported: ?She just got smaller and smaller.? After contacting Peter Duesberg, when Lindsey?s grandfather found an article in The National Review by Tom Bethell, about the ?views? of chemist and virologist Peter Duesberg, that HIV is harmless and AZT deadly, her parents wrote to him. He wrote back, sending a dossier of information on AZT, and advised the parents to take the child off AZT immediately, ??or she will die.? They did, amidst the pediatrician?s repeated threats and accusations that they were killing their child. On numerous occasions, the parents were told their child wound soon be dead, since she was an infant. One year, two years, four years, etc. Lindsey is now 19 years old, and in perfect health. At least 10 HIV positive children in Minneapolis were medicated with AZT by the same doctors who treated Lindsey. None survived.

Lindsey Nagel